joyful noise

We read Dyer in workshop today, and I said that I felt jealous of his wealth of anecdote – he has something to fix on.  I said that I had no problem analyzing some other story or piece of writing – but that it was extremely difficult for me to make something out of my own past.  And I said that I was having trouble writing in a voice that felt normal to me.

When I had a blog, I had no trouble writing fluidly – and now I feel much slower, sometimes enervated.  I don’t know if this extra scrutiny is producing a better voice, but my process is much more sluggish than it was before.

I can still write fluidly when I’m writing rhetorically – but I suppose I’ve decided to separate rhetorical voice from creative voice.  And I’ve noticed that when I try to write rhetoric in part of a creative piece, it sounds much more rarified than straight rhetorical writing.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem.


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