I have never….

Last night at a cast party, we played a game of I Have Never with this device that gives you a mild electric shock if it detects a lie.  It was twenty-five dollars from Parker Brothers, and it shocked one woman for saying she had never tried Kwanzaa cake, so who knows how accurate it was, but it was an interesting experience.  


The people at the party were asking questions that betrayed a certain mild fascination with alternative sexualities.  Like, “Have you ever done things with a girl,” etc.  And I was like, “I’m from San Francisco, do your worst,” and they would furrow their brows and then come out with, “When did you first realize you wanted to do things with girls?”  


It was an interesting experience, like I said.


When my queer friends and I get together, we don’t have these conversations this way – for the same reason most of my woman friends aren’t fascinated by periods.  We talk about it casually all the time – both sex and blood – but it’s not a subject you can use to embarrass anyone.  It’s not titillating.  


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