A Horse with No Name

Apparently, the very first thing I did was lose my old wordpress login and my confirmation email address, so I can no longer blog under the name I’ve been using for a decade now.




I’ve started this blog because I need a blog again.  I used to denigrate the writing I did on blogs as inferior to real writing: ephemeral, shallow, picayune.  Then I stopped blogging, gradually, and started doing nothing but commenting on other people’s blog entries.  And my comments became wholly polemical.  I stopped writing personally, even though my personal writing was my best writing.  


At some point in the decline I got a tumblr.  tumblr is not really a blog; tumblr is more like a spike file on the internet.  It has no archives as such, only a pile of virtual papers.  Nothing is organized, and nothing connects in any but the most incidental ways.  I’m not the kind of person, let alone the kind of writer, who responds well to that level of freedom.  


I am not blaming tumblr!  I do not blame tumblr for ruining my life or wasting my time or giving me an attention span of about thirty seconds and the emotional volatility of a terrier.  I stopped blogging for myriad reasons, which will be delved into at length here if I can find the time.  tumblr did not help me get back on the horse.  tumblr is not really a horse.  tumblr is one of those riding dildo machine sex toys, sybarite or something, wish I could google.  tumblr is not helping.  


And I want to do some writing again.  


This is about the tenth time–or, no, the eightieth time–I’ve said exactly that before starting a blog or leaving all the pretty pictures off my tumblr or getting into a pitched battle on facebook.  We’ll see how it goes.  But I honestly believe the format has been a small part of the problem.  


So I’m on WordPress.  What would be some other suitable taglines?  “The same river twice?”  


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